Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Behind the scenes: The Laura Shoot

SO, I've only just realized I start all my blog past with "So...". SO this shall be the last time, need to vary it up. Sorry to start with a side note, I'm sure I was the only one aware anyway.

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Onto the point:

Not too long ago I got together with my usual team beauty team (the lovely Felicity Crocker @ Blunt and the wicked cool Calyn Johnson @ Painted Lady), and worked with wardrobe stylist Erin Monaghan for the first time (she may have snapped your outfit for the Edmonton Vestiary)

Friend, model, and all around awesome lady Laura Ritchie modeled for us. Erin pulled MAINLY from her closet which is stocked with amazing vintage finds and luxurious modern staples (let's just say I'm jealous...). We shot in her (also enviable) downtown apartment building and made some magic.

Throughout the day we found ourselves calling it "the Laura shoot" as in some of the scenes/looks it emulated a lot of her actual character.
Though in some we made her seem a little....immoderate? Not necessarily her day to day self.

I was going to post a preview shot, but I couldn't simply choose a SINGLE image out of the lot to edit, and really feel like they need to be seen as a collective. So here are just some sneaky peeks.

Felicity shooting with her phone, just to show her man what her day looks like.

Erin at work

The beauty binizz gettin' done.


And a very tired Felicity!

Will be posting the full shoot soon!
Excited about this one.

Emilia Thomas

Portrait shoot: Levi

An old friend of mine and artist recently commissioned me to do some portraits of him.
He asked that it be of him in his natural environment, his studio, so we got together for an evening and shot some of this up.
He just got his website up, and you may have seen him on the Edmonton Art Walk this past weekend.

Check out Mr. Levi Etherington:

E. Thomas

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Group Sound

So there's this band. They're called the group sound.
They recently put out they're first album and, personally, I think you should buy the cassette.
It's only five bucks and my delightful face is on the cover of it...which makes the sweet surfer beats totally worth it.

In all seriousness though they made some damn catchy tunes. I also got some photos of the group outside their last show at The Wunderbar which I'll be throwing up once I develop them.

so, if you want:




Emilia Thomas

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Danielle Goudreau @ Mode Models.1

First shots from a test with Danielle Goudreau @ Mode.
Those eyes!

Makeup: Stephanie Strazza
Hair: Mandi James (@ Mousy Browns)
Wardrobe: Janis Galloway

More to come.

Emilia Thomas

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