Thursday, March 24, 2011


So you can tell I've been busy when I only now am blogging the preview post of my shoot on Sunday the 13th!
I shot the gorgeous Courtney Killips (with her fabulous new lack of locks!) @ Mode Models International.
Once again it was a natural light affair.

Calyn, Felicity, and I worked on two very different looks for the shoot, more of both I'll be posting soon!

Here are behind the scenes and the preview shots.

Height of Felicity. Height of Courtney.


Just as a little bonus for all my blog readers, these gentlemen who live in the house just over from my building (viewable via my balcony) decided that at 3 or so degrees, it was a good idea to grace all passers by with their spedo clad presence. One wielding an axe for no apparent reason, one using his spedo as a holster for his knuckle buster. They were out on their lawn for a good few hours drinking beer and blasting metal.

Made for some great entertainment in our day!

More to come (hopefully) soon!

Hair by Felicity Crocker @ Blunt Salon
Makeup by Calyn Johnson of Painted Lady
Wardrobe provided by Colour Blind on Whyte
Model: Courtney Killips @ Mode Models International.


  1. That last shot pretty much sums up Edmonton in one photo! Making me miss home.

    x The Pretty Secrets


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