Friday, December 24, 2010

Campaign for Alex Folzi men's A/W 2010. SWEET FRUITION

Am pleased to say that all the work on everyones part for these shots has finally come together. The lookbook is complete, the campaign shots are up, and all is looking good.

Check out all the shots on the Alex Folzi facebook, tumblr, or website.

E. Thomas

Monday, December 20, 2010

Alex Folzi A/W Apparel Shoot

Not too long ago I did a shoot with Fela and Fola, the young and passionate Fagbure twins of Alex Folzi. The boys had been producing some great, vibrant briefcases and classic trunks, and contacted me to shoot their first mens apparel collection.
Have been having trouble finding time to get some good editing done ('tis the season, no?), but I wanted to post something fun!

Here's a sneaky peak behind the scenes:

Fela and Fola Adjusting their designs! Group shot on the VERY last minute of the shoot.
Was a blast.

Designs by: Fela and Fola Fagbure.
Check them out:
Modeled by Jordan and Dorian @ Mode Models
Will hopefully have some of the other shots up soon!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


So I haven't actually written anything for a while, or posted many pictures...
In all honesty, my cameras and I haven't been too friendly with each other of late.
I moved into a new apartment over the weekend. Am now proud to say I live just a block off Whyte, which will make things immensely easier.

Other than that, I've hit a motivational slump. Any shoot ideas I've had have been far too fussy, at least in my mind. The idea of coordinating a team, locations, all that delightful, stressful stuff has been bursting the idea bulbs above my head, and I've opted to simply not.

I miss natural light, unfussy, fun affairs.
This, I have decided, is unacceptable. So today I revisited my first (more serious) form of photographic play and, once again, turned my camera on myself for some self-portraits.
It was simple. I was here, I had some things to toy with, and I had all the time I needed.
A while back I was gifted a super nifty, super 8 camera, with projector, projection screen, and all (thanks lovely boyfriend!). Though I haven't had time or funding to get the batteries and film sorted, I decided to get the projector and screen out today and play with just the light of it.
Simple, fun.

They aren't amazing, but they're something, right?

I need to start taking some shoots less seriously and let myself remember how much I love simply creating an image...even if it is just me playing the character I have in mind.

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