Monday, November 1, 2010

Display Magazine Shoot

So, after my Montreal trip, I did a shoot with Display Canadian design magazine for their music & design issue.
The model was lovely Canadian singer/songwriter Colleen Brown
We shot in the bar/venue area of the Yellowhead Brewery downtown.

The issue is now out & for sale at Nokomis (among other places). Check it out!

Here are some (very messy, must scan properly later) snapshots of the spread:

Some original/unused from the shoot:

OH! and behind the scenes stolen from Jackie Ohms:

Designer/Illustrator: John James
Model: Colleen Brown
Wardrobe Styling: Tara Gillespie
Assistance and sanity: Jacqueline Ohm

E. Thomas


  1. Nice work E.Thomas. I dig it!!!

  2. Collen looks beautiful, I love her longer hair. Fantastic shots Emelia, next time you're in Montreal let me know so I can got you to take some shots for me!

  3. beautiful work and thanks tara for putting my dress in.


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