Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sees she IN FILM

So I've decided to start a secondary blog.
I shoot A LOT of film, and I often feel it's only for my own sake. Each film camera I own has taught me something new of photography. Lately though people have been making me aware that it is appreciated. The lovely Jessica Kennedy asked for a print of one of my holga images.
I received an anonymous email of appreciation
Things of that nature.
Yet I still don't feel it worth entire blog posts here, nor feel it's worth using on my website. So as a way to share it with those who aren't simply facebook friends, I've started Sees She In Film.

I'll likely update it more often, but main posting will remain here.

Keep an eye out! Follow if you so please.
Also, Hermit shoot photos are soon to come! I've been wildly busy.

E. Thomas.

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