Thursday, July 1, 2010


I know my posts have been a little lacking lately, but I've had my wrist healing and since then have been planning a somewhat elaborate shoot.
I approached the lovely Miss Ohm about concerns and frustrations regarding my "inability" to get things together by myself to execute my overwhelming amount of shoot ideas.
She took on the role of Creative Director, and Missy doesn't fail me. She took me location scouting recently and brought me to the perfect space for the main idea in mind. It was an interesting adventure all throughout downtown Edmonton (some silly pictures to follow).
The wonderful, bright haired, Jill Jerat has agreed to style the shoot, and I can't wait to see the concept translate into clothing.
It's all coming together at the moment. Stressful but exciting.
Here are some snaps from our day of scouting:

(Birds seem to drop dead around Jacqueline and I.)
..Oh, Edmonton...
E. Thomas

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