Saturday, July 24, 2010



E. Thomas

Yashica TLR.

E. Thomas

35mm from the 90's. Out a dirty window, choice focus.

E. Thomas

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sees she IN FILM

So I've decided to start a secondary blog.
I shoot A LOT of film, and I often feel it's only for my own sake. Each film camera I own has taught me something new of photography. Lately though people have been making me aware that it is appreciated. The lovely Jessica Kennedy asked for a print of one of my holga images.
I received an anonymous email of appreciation
Things of that nature.
Yet I still don't feel it worth entire blog posts here, nor feel it's worth using on my website. So as a way to share it with those who aren't simply facebook friends, I've started Sees She In Film.

I'll likely update it more often, but main posting will remain here.

Keep an eye out! Follow if you so please.
Also, Hermit shoot photos are soon to come! I've been wildly busy.

E. Thomas.

Accidental image of who knows what. Holga with with failed, makeshift 35mm adaptor.

E. Thomas

This shall be a blog I keep dedicated to my film work; be it in medium format, 35mm, instant, or any other. I'm going to keep description minimal and post single images as often as they come.

Keep an eye on my normal blog of happenings @ Sees She


Desperately scratched image on Una.
Shot on 35mm SLR from the 80's.

E. Thomas

Monday, July 12, 2010


Having my arm busted made me entirely restless. Not being able to shoot in that time was a frustration, but it gave me time to plan the wonderfully fun happening that was The Hermit shoot.
The shoot was yesterday, and despite my being frazzled throughout, came together pretty much perfectly. Jill styled, Calyn covered makeup, Aoife was the model, and Jacqueline kept me in order as creative director!
We shot on location at the H.V Shaw Building in Downtown Edmonton (built as a cigar factory in 1914), and it worked wonderfully for the concept. Interesting location.
Here are some behind the scenes shots and the first edit:
There was even live music courtesy of Miss Ohm.
(The treasures upstairs)
More to come as I edit, keep an eye out.
Great thanks to Jacqueline Ohm, Jillian Jerat (I know the Jill link I'm posting isn't really relevant, but I googled and found it. I think it's adorable!), Calyn Johnson, and Aoife Kenny!
Also major appreciation to Scott Harris, the brew master, for granting us permission to use the space!
E. Thomas

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I know my posts have been a little lacking lately, but I've had my wrist healing and since then have been planning a somewhat elaborate shoot.
I approached the lovely Miss Ohm about concerns and frustrations regarding my "inability" to get things together by myself to execute my overwhelming amount of shoot ideas.
She took on the role of Creative Director, and Missy doesn't fail me. She took me location scouting recently and brought me to the perfect space for the main idea in mind. It was an interesting adventure all throughout downtown Edmonton (some silly pictures to follow).
The wonderful, bright haired, Jill Jerat has agreed to style the shoot, and I can't wait to see the concept translate into clothing.
It's all coming together at the moment. Stressful but exciting.
Here are some snaps from our day of scouting:

(Birds seem to drop dead around Jacqueline and I.)
..Oh, Edmonton...
E. Thomas
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