Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My first camera

Remember I-zone cameras? That fad? The Polaroid cameras with four basic settings that printed out stamp sized pictures with colourful borders?
I was nine years old when I got one and it was the first camera I owned.
My mother sent along some of my things from Hong Kong recently and among them were a collection of some of my I-zone photographs. It's exciting to see them. To see what my nine year old self found photo worthy (it's mainly people, nothing changed there).
I've scanned them all in, and though I'm sure it excites me far more than it will anyone else, I wanted to share some.

View of St. Douglas castle from my bedroom window. First apartment we lived in during my time in Hong Kong.
Baldovino Barani (an incredible fashion photographer who has done many on location shoots in Hong Kong) actually used this as the location for his Gossip Girl editorial. (see below)
I used to play hide and seek around here.
(check out more of his work:

I even took self-portraits back then:

E. Thomas

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Holga. Hong Kong.

I miss elsewhere. I would rather this window.

E. Thomas.

Energetic Action

I followed Kristena along to photograph Energetic Action play. Was a great show that I spent sucked into the view finder.
Fun with bulb, blur, and much red backlight.
First attempt at band photography. Was mighty fun and am fairly pleased with the results. Am also pleased as it proves I'm physically able to shoot now!
My wrist is mended enough.
I've been going stir crazy waiting, so now some fashion/beauty shoots are on the way.

Also...Kristena is a babe.

E. Thomas
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