Sunday, May 30, 2010


So, as I mentioned a few entries back, I bought a Polaroid Land Camera from 1975, I managed to get some compatible Fuji Film...It's been far harder figuring out the use than I thought it would be. Focus, colour balance, and all has been a great confusion. I'm starting to understand how it all comes together, but my first endeavour with instant film (not including the ever popular I-Zone camera I took with me everywhere in grade 5) has been fairly fussy.

Here are some of the first. Sorry for the quality of scan.
This was my very first attempt. I actually don't mind it.

I also had a rollerblading accident lately. Fractured my elbow and broke my wrist, so shoots are out of the question for a little while, sadly. Time to get planning and editing!
I got a purple cast though!
E. Thomas


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