Monday, February 15, 2010

Some more stress

I've fallen asleep listening to french audio exercises two evenings in a row now..unintentionally, of course. Would be lovely if my subconscious has absorbed something.

Other than that I'm working through a world of stresses in regards to upcoming shoots. Will be doing some lighting tests tomorrow with new set ups. Have a test shoot with a model named Michelle on Wednesday and can't wait. This seems to have taken forever to find a good date for.

How many other 18 year old girls are out spending their money on sheets of plywood and faux fur to build photo sets?
All in the name of an image.

So high fashion, no?


  1. What r you using the fur for?


  2. I'm going to be using it as the base for a test shoot. Will have the model stand on it. It'll look a little like a fur rug, but not quite.
    Hopefully I can light it nicely.


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